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3 Ways to Carry-off Tie-Bleached Ladies Jeans

With the overwhelming flood of coloured jeans over the past year , I have come to a point where I have completely lost interest in one of my older pink-jelly coloured jeans, although they were still technically brand-new and would have been a total waste, if not given away or recycled in some way.

Having become a “wife” after nearly  2 years of marriage, and after finally having started to understand how to morph into a domestic goddess (I’m still hoping), I recently re-discovered the wonderful virtues of bleach, your century-old all-purpose disinfectant and bleaching household chemical.
Despite seeing tie-dye jeans available everywhere, I decided to put my DIY skills into transforming a pair of pink ladies jeans by Zara, which I could wear casually to the movies or on the weekend.
Apart from wearing these jeans with the obvious white tank top or slouchy knit, I created 3 looks with these tie-bleached pink trousers: A striking neutral look using a Grey flannel top from Joseph, studded black belt from Whistles and cut-out black shoes.
A sporty-surfer girl look using dark blue tank top from Topshop, a pair of Tiger sneakers and a light turquoise scarf from Gap.

And last but not least a candy-shop look inspired from La Durée’s macaroon display by wearing different shades of pastels together:  light turquoise top from Topshop and Lemon yellow cotton sewater from Uniqlo.  

Shop our favourite pick of tie-dye jeans by clicking on the captions:

If you are feeling inspired, here is the recipe for home-made tie-bleached jeans:
Step 1:
Using a roll of sewing thread and on a dry pair of jeans, scrunch the fabric together into a bunch starting from the top of the leg, by wrapping tightly 3 to 4 layers of thread and tying it securely. Moving down the leg, repeat the process by tying the fabric at even intervals, in order to get the desired evenly tie-bleached effect.
Move to the other leg and try to replicate the same ties parallel to the first leg. Once you have finished tying the legs, grab the waist and pocket area by the corner in order to place a tie diagonal to the zipper line, basically scrunching away any remaining fabric.
Step 2:

Fill a plastic washing tub with lukewarm water and 2 small cups of Clorox bleach, stir well , taking care not to splash yourself and by wearing latex gloves. Dip the tied-up jeans into the mixture, trying as much as possible to immerse them into the water, in order to get even coverage. If you are having trouble keeping the jeans immersed, add some more water on top with a hand-held showerhead.

Step 3:

Depending on the level of contrast that you would like to achieve, leave the jeans in this mixture anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours, before removing the item and rinsing it with plenty of water.

I kept mine in the bleach mixture for 24 hours in order to reach a pastel base with accents of candy pink, the overall effect was still much lighter than the original colour.
Step 4:

Remove the threads and rinse again with plenty of water , you should be able to see the gradual colour effect all over the jeans , if you feel that the effect is too striking and would like a gentle and less-contrasted colour effect, repeat step 2 again and immerse your jeans un-tied for another couple of hours. Repeat step 3 and then wash on a regular cold cycle in the washing machine.

Et voila! A pair of home-made tie-bleached jeans, straight from your bathroom lab.
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