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For most of my thirty-something life, I have been fascinated by Clothes , Shoes and Fashion in general: my earliest memory is of me as a 3 year old stepping into my mum’s giant stilettos and smearing red lipstick all over my face. Despite my countless trials and tribulations with fashion, I still have not found out whether there is such a thing as perfection in style or what the building blocks of a perfect wardrobe are… I am certainly older, wiser, a bit fuller-shaped and know what suits different body types and complexions but I am yet to find that perfect wardrobe! As a multilingual and multicultural woman, I can’t decide whether I look Lebanese enough, British eccentric or just like a French style aspirer; you all must be feeling the same way and are constantly looking to achieve something close to style perfection, as fashion is our own form of Art and self-expression. I have decided to create Style Under Fire fashion blog first and foremost out of love for fashion, to maybe help you find cool ideas that will inspire your style and help you maximize the contents of your wardrobe by offering styling and recycling advice: perhaps a hot pink jacket will look appropriate at the office, or a sequined skirt can be worn during the day. This is why I called this blog Style Under Fire: because we will be putting fashion items and beauty products and routines literally… in the line of fire, for you to get the best out of what the fashion and beauty world have to offer.If you’re thinking by now that this will just be an expose of my fashion exploits, you’d better watch out for my curious lens as I am constantly looking for uber-stylish people with a flair for creating unique wardrobes and the ability to inject old pieces with a new edge. I will be quite simply raiding your closet, and asking you to be an active part of Style Under Fire because great finds have to be shared!Wherever you live and whatever your views and feelings are towards fashion, I hope that you will be inspired by my treasure hunts…
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