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An unexpected combination: Neon yellow and Taupe

It has been over a month since I had last shared my thoughts with you, which is unusual because I always like to connect with my readers and share my excitement for fashion. The last few weeks have been quite focused on my job, and some other necessary domestic projects, as well as a new carb-free diet which is quite literally reducing my energy levels, we will talk about this life-altering experience another time J. In the meantime I accidentally stumbled on an unusual colour combination  when I was desperately trying to find a way to wear my new One by Boutique at Shopbop Python-effect cut-out sandals, designed by new and upcoming designer Suecomma Connie: being the colour lover that I am these sandals trimmed with a dash of neon yellow immediately seduced me.

As I rumbled through my closet I found a figure-hugging draped mini-skirt I had bought from Reiss about a year ago, in a very Reiss-esque and conventional taupe colour. The skirt had the potential to look good with just about anything, purple, black and even navy, but neon yellow?

The reason I took that weird colour-combo chance was because of a silk strappy yellow top by Thai brand Millin, I had recently purchased at Bangkok’s Emporium department store, it is loosely cut and trimmed with a rose gold panel of Thai silk, the perfect combination between traditional handcraft and the current Neon trend. Needless to say, the whole experience of shopping in Bangkok felt like an emotional rollercoaster : the exhilaration of discovering new local and Asian talent was soon brought down by the disappointment of discovering that not only am I unable to fit into a Medium size but that I am actually a LARGE even EXTRA-LARGE in Thai measurements! The reason for this deeply disappointing reality-check is due to Asian women’s petite frames in general, the proportions are simply different: the torso is much shorter and the waistline of their garments reaches the bottom of my chest…
I still was beside myself when this top actually fit me! So there it is Neon yellow and Taupe for dinner, I thought that the shoes made the skirt look like something that came out of an Alexander Wang runway show, I’m just kind of hoping  that last night’s dinner companions did not think I was bonkers J.

Get inspired from this look and buy these great Neon-trimmed and Python effect creations:

With a statement frosted yellow heel, Calvin Klein Collection’s pointed leather pumps are a directional choice for dinner with friends.
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