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If the Choo fits…

This is a story of every girl’s basic right to fabulous shoes: I received this email a few days ago from a friend and reader of Style Under Fire who decided to share her ode to Jimmy Choo with all of her friends. Read this unedited tale of a petite girl’s trials and tribulations to find the ultimate pair of feel-good high heels… Simply hilarious!
 “Inspired by my fabulicious uber hip friend Mrs. H (check out and “like” her page on facebook ), I decided to celebrate my very own love of fashion (and my latest acquisition) in this limited edition, special feature and one off blog entry… Those familiar with the trials and tribulations of finding shoes for my hobbit sized feet will understand…
Let me explain… Walking into crazy Harrods-on-sale with my brother Ramzi, with the main goal to purchase a very belated father’s day gift for my superhero dad, I decided to take a little detour to the first floor shoe forum. Usually I skip this department… What’s the point? They never make my size anyway.
So far… My shoe options have been limited to the following:
  •         Kids shoes –one day (not today) I will have to tell you the story of when my parents bought some shoes for me that light up when you walk (I was over 18)
  •         Sensible Teta (i.e. granny) shoes –clearly the fact that previous generations are smaller has not gone unnoticed by the market (or at least that’s how I have explained it to myself)
  •          Classic Chanel/ Loubie / Ferragamo Pumps –in beige and black because beige and black suits hobbits –boooooooooooooring
  •           Bribe the store owner to tip me off on the arrival of the pre-pre-pre new collection… before the Japanese Jackie O ladies seize the showcase one-off size 35 (damn it , they always know!!)
  •           Flying to Japan/Korea to buy European shoes 20% more expensive –it can get quite expensive J
  •           Pretty Shoes (brand of custom-made shoes in Lebanon)–only after their animal print fetish shoe phase -not practical for the office
However, on this day, my very own Shoe Deus Ex Machina day … I peeked at the 35 stall…. Teta beige, Teta black, hmmm a Celine transvestite pump clog thing (a no!) and lo and behold glittery golden platform Jimmy Choos (see picture) hidden behind some dodgy tango red salomés that are JUST MY SIZE and 75% off!! Yay!!

 And for all the cynics… yes there are more important things in life, yes I am aware that there is a financial crisis, and hurricanes, and a hole in the ozone, and evil dictators, and sick puppies but today I am happy to be the proud owner of my ridiculously marked down golden Choos… and I will wear them to save the world!

 When I was telling this story, someone asked what ever happened to Ramzi? Blinded by the golden glare of the shoes… had to leave the store running (that’s my story anyway).


Every girl has a right to wearing fabulous shoes! We’ve picked a few jaw-dropping styles for you to buy now and wear forever.

From left to right, click on the image legends to buy:





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