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Dubai Film Festival’s best dressed women

Last night Dubai witnessed the event of the season if not the event of the year, the much coveted Dubai Film Festival Premiere and opening gala. While I was still waiting until the very last second for a ticket to view the worldwide premiere of Mission Impossible 4, starring Tom Cruise, I was pondering the question of what to wear to the Gala party which I was going to for sure.

The sheer excitement of wearing a backless long column dress, was quickly shattered when the weather started to turn and rumours that rain and wind were going to overcast the event started to circulate via BBM. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dubai weather, it rarely ever rains, let alone gets chilly; you could say that these were exceptional circumstances.

Photo by Style Under Fire

The invitation clearly stated “Black Tie”, so the mere idea of turning up to the party underdressed petrified me. I quickly changed into a warmer outfit: a black wool blazer and a lace and tulle skirt and embellished black top, what’s a girl to do with only 5 minutes to dress up for cooler weather? The only way I could pull this off was to grab a purple Bottega Veneta box clutch and get on the highest silver Jimmy Choos possible.

Photo by Style Under Fire

I arrive to the Gala with my husband and walk the red carpet , only to see a couple of women in long evening gowns and a few fur throws: at this stage I was clearly underdressed, and started to feel a lump in my throat. The anguish quickly faded when I entered the party venue at the bottom of the world’s only 7 star hotel (Burj el Arab): there was a mad mix of bottom-skimming dresses and towering high heels (not exactly the definition of black-tie), clueless expats in flowery peasant dresses and granny shoes (did they not read the invite that clearly stated BLACK TIE?) and a few scattered gems with incredible outfits and long and lean bodies to match. At this point, I didn’t know whether to feel relief or even more anguish, I should have just stuck to catching bronchitis in my long dress, then I remembered that I was the spectator of that show and that my mission was to hunt for the bold and the beautiful.

I naturally gravitated towards the most original creatures armed with my Canon, a few cards with my blog URL, and a huge ear-to-ear smile. Here is a selection of the best-dressed  Dubai Film Festival guests: a big thank you to all these gorgeous women who so graciously posed for me and added some much-needed glamour to a sea of predictable party dwellers.

The Black lace column dress: SUF loves Nina Zandnia’s impeccable chignon and red lipstick and the perfect decollete, a real riot instigator.

Photo by Style Under Fire

The couture white gown by Kuwaiti designer Tahir Sultan: the intricate draping of this dress makes it a real show-stopper. Teamed with a furry shrug, SUF loves the absolute decadence of this look and will be watching Tahir’s work very closely.

Photo by Style Under Fire

The Belles of the Ball:

Photo by Style Under Fire

TV presenter Diala Makki in a show-stopping black gown

Photo by Style Under Fire

The animal print dress: carried by a beautiful figure and a sporty attitude

Photo by Style Under Fire

Some of the more unusual outfits: head jewelry and a knuckle clutch by Alexander McQueen and outrageous Louis Vuitton sparkly shoe-boots.

Photo by Style Under Fire

Photo by Style Under Fire

Last but not least: a Versace for H&M appearance

Photo by Style Under Fire
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