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The miracle product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as baby feet

To say that I haven’t been blessed with the genetic lottery when it comes to having smooth comfortable feet is no over-statement. After years of stubbornly strutting around in high heels and wafer thin ballerinas, the state of my feet can only be described like a war-torn map. To spare you the graphic details and cut a long story short, no amount of weekly pedicures and pumice stone buffing could get rid of the build up of hard skin: poor pedicure ladies have slaved over them, furiously trying to rub away the build up of layers and telling me with a scolding tone that I really must moisturize them before bedtime. What they simply can’t understand is that no amount of Vaseline-soaked socks overnight could help their impossible mission, until I stumbled upon a miracle product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as baby feet, literally called Baby Foot peel!


Manufactured in Japan and with a pack containing a single pair of weird-looking plastic bags filled with a cocktail of peeling agents (glycolic acid, salicylic acid and alcohol), these socks promise to shed away layers of dead skin to reveal baby skin on your feet. Desperate to avoid the nasty looks of pedicurists and to finally experience some relief and comfort, we decided to put the Baby Foot socks to the test.

After having used these single use peeling socks, we watched 7 days later layers of dry skin magically peel away for about 5 days, getting us closer to a higher state of baby-smooth feet.

Here are our tips for making the most out of Baby Foot Peel Treatment:

  • Pick an evening or lazy Sunday morning where you can just sit back , relax and watch a movie, without having to walk anywhere or be on your feet.
  • Remove any nail polish you have on your toe nails or rather book a colour change session because the peeling agents will attack your nail polish
  • Pre-Soak your feet in hot water for 15 minutes and dry them up, this will insure better results and allow the Baby Feet ingredients to better penetrate the dry layers of your feet
  • Now the magic begins: slip on the Baby Foot plastic socks and make sure that you have full contact between the gel consistency and the sole of your feet by pressing your feet a little bit more into the socks. Watch a movie for a full 2 hours and avoid the temptation of getting up and cutting your session short as you need to leave your feet soaked in for as long as possible to fully benefit from the deep peel.
  • After 2 hours wash your feet and get on with your day.
  • Then let your patience be put to the test as you wait a full week for the magic to happen: all of a sudden the dry layers of the sole of your feet will start to crack and look like a geological landscape. Two days later your will see pieces of dry skin peel away and fall off. If you can’t resist the temptation to peel the layers away, at least avoid moisturizing your feet, so that the layers can come off more easily. Use a pumice stone on dry skin to help shed away those layers.
  • 5 days later you end up with significantly smoother soles and a much better result than having a pedicurist scrub away furiously with a wet stone that will only mask the initial problem.

What Baby Foot does not do unfortunately is get rid of corns and severe calluses, which can only be removed with a medical pedicure or chiropodist’s pedicure. For best results on severe cases, we do recommend going to the chiropodist first then maintaining the result a month later with the Baby Foot peel. Your feet will look and feel considerably smoother and walking in high heels will once again not feel so painful. For more tips on how to make your high heels pain free, read on here.


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