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First Lesson in Recycling: A Bag is For Life

If you have ever fallen victim to dark jeans rubbing off on your accessories and worst of all a brand new handbag that you have purchased, then you will love this post…

I love shopping handbags and bought a couple of years ago a Marc by Marc Jacobs taupe grey bag in really soft leather, which I wore with virtually every colour under the sun. Until one day it rained on it and my black coat transferred  colour onto the bottom of it.

I went back home and tried to clean it with cream make up remover. I couldn’t really remove it and thought what the hell, it will just make it look aged… A few weeks later , the stain at the bottom grew larger and darker because of my blue jeans transferring colour onto the bag!
Then came the big arsenal of products: white leather sofa cream rubbed in vigorously with a sponge, it removed only 10% of the stain; tried with body lotion and make up remover, again as I was told not to use water , soap or any harsh chemicals so as not to damage the leather, zilch.
Last desperate resort: I stuffed the bag in the washing machine on low spin cycle… yes I know: crazy and delusional, but hey I had nothing to lose.
A couple of hours later and my bag emerged , with the same exact stain, only I had turned the leather into dried-out cardboard. So lesson number 1: never try this at home kids.
Then an epiphany dawned on me; that I had to Google  the topic and there came in my search results the most precious address of all: My Bag Spa in Jumeirah Center mall!
They are an international chain of bag spas specialised in cleaning leather handbags , restoring them and completely overhauling their colour. Sounded too good to be true for somebody who’s literally butchered and abused her bag, but they actually recommended I dye it a slightly darker colour in order to hide these very engrained stains.
A week later, they showed me different tones of the Blue colour I had picked and I just went for a teal blue, bright enough for carrying in the summer and tame enough not to clash with neutral colours.
4 weeks later I got a call and went to pick up my prized possession with much angst, only to be extremely delighted and surprised with the result, and all of that for the price of a dinner for 2 at Zuma! Friends and Mom thought I had shopped yet again, and their jaws nearly fell off when I told them it was just a revamped item… A bag really is for life!

Now that I am planning my next bag revamp with serious colour blocking too, I do hope that lovely Pauline at My Bag Spa will expedite my order the soonest possible ;).

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