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Guest editor Lorena gets her hands on Versace for H&M!!

It only happens once a year , and every year I make a resolution to get up at the crack of dawn and queue in the freezing cold to get my hands on the latest designer collaborations with H&M. I’m still weeping at the thought that I was a loser in this survival of the fashion-fittest test, gone is my dream of owning Lanvin for H&M’s entire collection or Cavalli‘s rocking party outfits.
However, being in Dubai made me think that it would be the easiest mission to go to Dubai Mall and snap the latest collaboration with none other than the fabulously bling and OTT Versace!
Little did I know that Dubai fashionistas were not only fierce, relentless and rude but early birds as well, and that the collection would be sold out in less than an hour after it is shown to… not the public, rather a select few VIP fashionistas!
Luckily, my friend Lorena Bradley, a very resourceful and street-smart designer, was one of the lucky few to be at this yearly event. She was SUF’s eyes and ears and came back bearing a surprising collection of intricately made garments, she even confirmed to me that some of the finishing was hand-made. Lorena has guest edited this post by lending us her fabulous Versace for H&M wardrobe as well as her photographic skills, enjoy the show!

The Chainmail dress:

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

This fluid mini gold dress is the perfect party dress and a signature look of Gianni Versace’s early 90s work, teamed with the Medusa head choker, it is an iconic look, only for the brave :).

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

The Corset:
Teamed with panelled leather and lycra leggings from BCBG and studded suede fuschia platform shoes, this corset is testament to the workmanship involved in this collection: it is cut from several orange blossom-print pieces of fabric, and held together by several rows of boning on the inside, the sizes were very odd though: photo below is a size 14 corset on a size 10 body.

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

We love the corset’s decollete in the back and how easy it is to wear.

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

The yellow shift dress:
A simple shift with gold studding and the famous roman pattern down the side of the dress, usually used by Versace on scarves and homeware.

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

Deep V back detail, best worn with a deep golden tan!

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

The long-sleeved Japanese dress:
This dress boasts shoulder pads and different-coloured sleeves making it an interesting architectural piece from different angles. Lorena felt like breaking up the black pattern with a long leather obi belt and kept shoes simple with cut-out Camilla Skovgaard black shoes.

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire
Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire
Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire

The launch event took place on November 17th in Dubai Mall’s H&M: below are some pictures of the actual queue at 7:30AM, check out the cool gold-etched invites as well as the inside of the store.

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire
What Style Under Fire was most impressed with, is the extremely polished and colourful packaging, you almost never want to take any of the labels off, nor even entertain the idea of chucking the beautiful bags and boxes away, these might become collectibles one day.
A huge thanks to Lorena for her bravery and her generosity!

Photo by Lorena Bradley for StyleUnderFire
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