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This Kit Will Keep White Shoes White

Finally we found an accessible product to keep white shoes white!

Next time you are out shopping, make sure you hit the poshest furniture store in town, not to buy a fancy living room but to get your hands on the most effective leather cleaning kit ever. The Natuzzi Leather Care Cleaning is the lifeline your Carrie Bradshaw white stiletto shoes need.

If you have ever tried using soap, water or make up remover on your white leather shoes, then you are by now the victim of some urban legend.

The Natuzzi leather couch cleaning kit has a protector which you should apply before you start wearing your white leather accessories, a step we most often forget to follow. The next step is to use a cleaner to gently lift away all of the dirt and an ink stain remover! Haven’t we all been victims of a leaking ball point pen? The best thing about using the cleaner is that stains and dirt seem to vanish instantaneously:  as soon as the sponge is wiped over the leather, the cleaning agent almost foams leaving your white leather squeaky-clean and white shoes white.

Extend the life of all of your light-coloured leathers with this gem of a find, use on your white handbags, nude and pastel leather shoes and bags. Stilettos pictured by Sophia Webster



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