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This is How you Wear Leopard Print When You’re Above 35

This is how you wear Leopard print when you’re above 35 and don’t want to look like an endangered cat…

Every fall season we see some recurring themes come back in full force, proving that they are no longer fads, becoming the new rules of classic style. Take animal prints for example that can veer on the vulgar side if not styled or worn the right way: can leopard print be the new black or grey? How can you wear Leopard print when you’re above 35? Just how much spots can one get away with without falling into the abyss of bad taste?

Having grown up with a mother who refused the idea of leopard print, tattoos and piercings, it took me a few years of experimenting on my own and getting used to the idea of sporting another animal’s colours. Here are a few tips to those of you who still won’t embrace leopard print (some friends will know they are being addressed ;):

  • Just like human kind, Leopard print comes in a range of colours: from a classic savannah style leopard, to a snow leopard or a greyish jaguar print, the variations are endless and there really is at least one spotted print for everyone’s taste.
  • Leopard print and red: this is probably the most old fashioned way of styling Leopard print and sometimes the least edgy. Try replacing red with blood red or deep aubergine.
  • Matching Leopard print shoes and bags: to stay clear of the matchy matchy look which we like to avoid at all costs, try to wear Leopard print shoes and a clutch or bag of one of the tones featured in your shoes. For example, camel or deep tan could work with a classic print or just go for black or deep grey if you’re going for a cooler print. This season’s tassels and fringes also offer a great complement to leopard prints and add a cool boho edge.
  • Leopard print dresses: if you are still feeling nostalgic about the eighties and nineties, wearing a leopard print frock in 2015 will look slightly out-of-place. Try instead a Leopard print jacket or coat, on a totally black base or with a white tee and dark wash ripped skinny jeans, or an ombre combo of dark grey skinnies and a lighter grey jersey top. This will look so cool and chic at the same time.
  • Leopard print and bolder, brighter colours: some lighter spotted prints with a white base go particularly well with shocking pink, red or even shades of pastels and cream
  • Leopard print and neutrals: this is usually the most aesthetically pleasing way of wearing Leopard print, navy, black, greys, taupes and creams are the perfect base to show off leopard print shoes or bags.
  • Remember: just wear one print at a time, no more… and your leopard print accessory or shoes will become classic pieces for many years to come

Check out our comments in the boutique below for fashion styling tips, we have gathered the best options of leopard print shoes, bags and coats from Net-A-Porter, The Outnet, Topshop and many more. Furthermore if you type leopard in our search box on the right, you will see many posts where we’ve styled leopard print. Don’t be afraid of showing your animal colours!


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