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Long Live The Queen, celebrating Jubilee Weekend

This weekend marks the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, one of the longest-serving monarchs on the planet and probably the most famous royal figure known to Third-world countries. While my friends are going to be sweating it out at Madonna’s concert in Abu Dhabi this Sunday, I will be watching the Jubilee Concert which will be taking place on the grounds of Buckingham Palace in the cool comfort of my own living room.

There are plenty of reasons to be a royalist these days:  the UK wouldn’t be the fun and eccentric place that it is, without  a dash of fairytale, glamour and scandal. In fact where would the economy be without the millions of tourists who come to visit the famous London royal landmarks and how would Reiss deliver amazing sales performance without the endorsement of new royal fashionista Kate Middleton? After all the British monarchy costs every citizen 1 pound, a fair deal to pay to ensure the UK retains its’ sparkle and tourism future.
Since I am missing out on all the live action in the capital, I thought I’d create this outfit that combines a number of British ingredients:  the nonchalant cool of Kate Moss in Skinny jeans and loose-cut silk white shirt from Zara,  British women’s love of all things vintage with these 10-year aged Fendi red glittery sandals and a proud dash of patriotism with an oversized sparkly Union Jack clutch bag bought for 10 quid from Next 5 years ago.

I haven’t worn blue jeans in over a year now but I may have found the perfect pair in these Maison Scotch Amsterdam  skinny jeans:  I am definitely what you would consider pear-shaped, with much-needed support around the derriere area and a tendency to look bulky around the thighs in skinny jeans.  This pair is skinny enough to hug in all the right places, loose enough to be able to roll up the hems and look like a tighter and more flattering version of Boyfriend jeans. In fact,  the fabric is so light-weight that it makes wearing jeans in 45 degree weather quite possible, check out the strategically placed stonewash patches , back-pocket stitch and cute golden chain on the side.

If I were celebrating this weekend at Mayfair’s Art Club or in a cool gallery space I would have definitely gone all out in this Vivienne Westwood gown and a pair of Vouelle Strappy shoes.


Special thanks to Iliana Orietta for taking Style Under Fire’s photographs.

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