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Raiding Nour’s Closet for Comfy Elegance

Haven’t you always wished that you could raid your friend or sister’s closet and steal their best pieces and convince yourself that all fashion should be shared for the love of mankind? What we hope to do with the series of Closet Raids is to bring you fresh ideas and inspiration from everyday-life style-savvy women who have found their own way in the fashion journey. These cool chicks about-town are not your over-publicised socialites nor celebrities, they are the girls-next-door who have a passionate flair for fashion and a talent for understanding what suits their body shape and personality.

In this first closet raid, Style Under Fire stormed into Nour’s wardrobe, a 34 year-old creative director, living in Dubai, whose style can be summarized into comfortable, nonchalant and subtle seduction. We had a girlie heart-to-heart chat with Nour over a bowl of chocolates about her fashion crushes and memories…
Loose Cutton over-dress, Art Deco cuff by YSL
How would you describe your personal style?  It took me a few years to get the hang of it but now that I know what suits my body and personality , I find shopping much easier, which is why I’ve turned to buying most of my clothes online instead of wasting my weekends roaming the mall. My style is defined as casual smart, you will never see me in a pencil skirt or a tight short dress.

What do you consider sexy? This pair of trousers by 3.1 Philip Lim is what I consider sexy, I need to feel comfortable in my own skin and move freely without restrictions. My motto is: comfort first.

Striped pyjama-style trousers with zip detail by 3.1 Philip Lim, Neon necklace and checked bustier top

What is your earliest fashion memory? My earliest memory of connecting with fashion
was as a teenager going to a party dressed in black Levi’s 501 men’s cut jeans and a black top, it was also my first experience of wearing make-up, this very cool girl at school had made up my face and for the first time ever, I felt on-trend and so cool. My second earliest fashion memory was feeling so proud about buying a pair of second hand Levi’s, they were the perfect faded colour and had shreds above the knee. I wore them to bits with cowboy boots, a cool white shirt and a black blazer.

Cut-out Sweatshirt, skinny grey faded jeans, neon and metal necklace, clutch bag by Domakaya, strappy shoes by Camilla Skovgaard
Your worst fashion moment? I don’t know what had gotten into my head but I bought a purple jumpsuit once which was deeply unflattering and baggy, let’s just say that it did my behind no favours whatsoever. I then had to ease into the fact that the only appropriate place I could ever be seen in that jumpsuit was a fancy dress party. The piece still stuck out like a sore thumb in my closet, reminding me of the evident fashion disaster it was, which then made me happily give it away to an eccentric artist friend. To be honest with you I’m not even sure she ever wore it!
Colour-block chiffon top in peach and cream
The oldest piece in your wardrobe? The second-hand pair of faded Levi’s 501.

Your most worn piece? A white tank top and a blue loose-cut dress
If you were on a desert island what would you take with you? At the moment, my loose-cut white comfy dress and my concealer.

Your fashion pet- hate? When toes hang over open-toe shoes, men in speedos and puff skirts but then again I wore a Sherwel J.

Your favourite shoes? The black Camilla Skovgaard cut-out shoes I’m wearing now with the DVF colour-block dress, until I got these new white ones by the same designer. They go with everything in my closet. Her style is very cool and edgy, I love her creations. I also have to say that I only wear 20% of my closet at any given point in-time, I do need to rediscover my older pieces every-once in a while.

Colour-block DVF dress and Camilla Skovgaard cut-out shoes

If you were brave enough what would you dare to wear? Hats, I look awkward in them, they don’t make me feel comfortable, which is why my Panama hat hangs on top of a sculpture in my living room, probably short tight skirts as well, I feel very uncomfortable in these, this lip-print dress is probably the sexiest thing I own. I love Boyfriend jeans as well and still can’t accept they don’t look good on me L.

What trends are you banking on at the moment? Colour blocking and monochrome looks.

What is the next purchase that you are drooling over? Hmm, probably a pair of colorful printed trousers or jeans. Seeing them everywhere at the moment styled up or down and they look great. It’s so easy to get it wrong with prints mind you, but I love the look.
Lip-Print dress, Red peep toe shoes and vintage  glass bead necklace
All Photos by Style Under Fire
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