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Shop the city in gladiator sandals, relaxed jeans and a dash of neon

When it is 45 degrees outside and you need to jump out of your car into a store and then into another mall where the temperature is set to fridge standards,  summer shorts or mini-skirts are not really an option, sometimes they are best left for the seaside or a nice stroll in the countryside.

Coccinelle Calfskin white shoulder bag

I have already featured Maison Scotch jeans in a previous post and can now declare that it is the perfect pair for summer weather; made from the lightest cotton and with a relaxed fit that crosses between a skinny and boyfriend jeans, you really can’t go wrong with this look. They need to be rolled up in summer in order to show off gladiator sandals, the must-have flat sandals that will keep you cool and chic.

Coral Neon Tank top from H&M, white leather belt from New Look, stacked bracelets
To add a 2012 twist to this combo of Jeans and Sandals, a neon top will take your look from  classical to show-stopping, think bright pink sweatshirts, neon coral tops or for a great cover-up in the air-conditioned indoors a neon yellow biker jacket.

Maison Scotch jeans available at
Silver gladiator sandals from Courtefiel


We’ve picked for you the best gladiator sandals every girl must have and a selection of the lightest, coolest and most relaxed cropped jeans around. You can buy and have these items delivered anywhere in the world by clicking on the captions below.

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