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Skin Saviours in 43 Degree Hot Weather

Now that Hell season has officially started in the Arabian Gulf while the rest of the northern hemisphere is getting geared up for the nicest time of the year, unfortunately our skin is taking a huge blow in the face (literally speaking), I thought I would share with you 4 skin saviours to give you relief in 43 degree weather.

I find that in 40 degree weather my skin loses it’s ability to cool down and suffers from excessive sweating.
That’s why I replace my usual day moisturiser with a soothing and cooling Gel Creme by Uriage , a French pharmaceutical brand that sources its ingredients from natural spring waters rich in minerals. The Gel Creme texture is easily absorbed and the skin is immediately replenished with the moisture it needs without making your face shine.

I also find that throughout the day, my make up doesn’t hold in the high humidity and volcanic temperatures, and that my face needs refreshing with a mineral water mist, I use Vichy’s Thermal water spray throughout the day over my make up to refresh my skin and give it an added boost of minerals and hydration. The pressurized container also keeps the water temperature fresh; just leave the water a few minutes for your skin to absorb it, then pat dry with some paper towels.



Because of these extreme temperatures, I also suffer from broken veins on the surface of my cheeks around the nose area, making the overall complexion red.
Some women suffer from these broken veins to the extent of them becoming spider veins that only laser treatments can eradicate.
Why do these broken veins occur? Due to the extreme heat and exposure to the sun, the small veins tend to over dilate and will sometimes break as they do not have the capacity to contract back to their initial state: the fact that we also do not have such a thing as fresh or cold water makes the problem even more difficult to solve because even when we wash our face, our skin is still facing the heat.
That’s why certain dermatologists advocate the use of a small icy water basin where your face can swim: simply fill a large enough plastic bowl with water from the tap and add some ice cubes , leave the ice cubes to melt for a few minutes and then practice a face dive as if you were swimming in and out of a pool with nose and mouth fully immersed. Repeat this face swimming motion several times as long as you can bear it to allow for the cold water to contract your veins.
I also use Bioderma’s miscellar water to remove my make up gently but effectively, without stripping the skin of its moisture.

However prevention is key and it is extremely important to wear a high SPF sunscreen everyday as it will help ward off those harmful UVA rays that cause premature ageing and overheat the skin’s vessels. We particularly love Bioderma’s Photoderm sunscreen which is lightly tinted to give you a healthy glow.

Do not let your skin suffer this summer by following the above steps and park aside your fruit acids and retinols; limit the use of your anti-ageing ingredients to every other day and only during the night to reduce photo sensitivity.

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