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Sun Beauty Shields

For years I had battled greasy skin and straw-like hair and hated every single picture that was taken of me while on holiday, until I figured out the following system to look good and natural at the same time. These are tried and tested skin care products on your typical dry-haired and greasy-skinned gal…

Photo credits: Shiseido, Moroccan Oil, L’Oreal Professionel, Benefit, Guerlain

First rule is to stay matte and protect the skin: my dermatologist does not believe in chemical sunscreeens , that is cream-based potions as they clog up the pores and cause breakouts, blackheads and white heads. The first time she ever got me to wear SPF powder on my face, it looked chalky and way too light. So after a bit of searching, I found Shiseido Solar Foundation in a range of darker colours that can match your body colour, the texture is on the thicker side but really long-lasting and will at least keep you shine free with very good coverage under the unforgiving sunlight.
Despite trying the darkest colours sometimes I do need to top it up with a bronzer, my favourite is Glam Bronze by L’Oreal Paris, it has a nice sexy smell and will not overload your skin with colour.

Trick number 2 is to always sport a coloured lip: while plain lipstick and gloss will run after a few minutes in the heat, Benetint from Benefit is an excellent product and a must have in every woman’s make up pouch: you can dab it with its thin brush over your lips (moisturise them about 10 minutes before doing that), and you can intensify the colour by re-applying another layer. It will stain your lips to the desired intensity of natural rose colour and stay put for hours. In order to get fuller and luscious lips, I apply an SPF 15 chapstick on top, after it had dried; not only will your lips look natural but the colour will bring out your overall tan and eyes and look irresistible with your sunshades on.

The other essential rescue (more like a prevention kit) is to really moisturise your hair and keep it from cracking open and turning into straw. After washing your hair, always smother the lengths and the ends with Morroccan Oil leave-in treatment or a similar serum from Kerastase called Elixir Ultime. This will not weigh your hair down nor make it greasy, but it will do wonders in preventing dried out lengths and split ends. By treating your hair with oil like you would apply moisturiser to your face before going to bed, you are making it much more manageable pre and post beach.

The final weapon you need to keep with you is Kerastase Gelee Protectrice, it will physically coat your hair and prevent salt and chlorine from bonding to your hair and altering your colour.

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