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The Most Comfortable Stiletto for Narrow Feet

We wanted to share with you the most comfortable stiletto for narrow feet, that will make it possible for you to wear heels to the office or to cocktail parties. The first time I slipped on a Louboutin stiletto shoe ten years ago, sure I was utterly seduced by the incredible heights, the finesse and delicacy of the volumes and the red soles, but most importantly I was won over by the toe cleavage that makes ANY foot look desirable.

I can confirm without a doubt that Louboutin’s shoes are the most comfortable high heels I’ve ever worn, I was blessed (or rather cursed) with incredibly thin and narrow paws, without much natural padding, making the experience of standing in heels for longer than 2 hours simply excruciating.
The Louboutin style that embodies the best balance between height, support and seductiveness is the Decollete or Pigalle 100: a classical closed high-heeled stiletto with the potential to wear for hours at end. When you stand in these shoes, the whole body weight is shifted towards the back, resting the heels completely on the shoe and avoiding the acrobatic balance on the toes or the ball of your feet. I can not assume that these would feel just as comfortable on everyone, but next time you pass by the shops, just take a minute to try them on.

As a final thought, know that there is a way to make Louboutin shoes last forever: you can have them resoled by asking the Louboutin shop to send your shoes back to France for a half-resole keeping the exact original material, or you can protect your shoes from further wear-and-tear by going to cobblers who will apply a thin, rubber, non-slip red-sole on the in-step of the shoe. I first discovered that this was possible when my cobbler in London on Earl’s Court Road had come up with this genius idea and all the Chelsea girls started flocking to him with their love-worn Louboutins.
If your local cobbler does not hold stock of red rubber soles, you can order them online on It is totally worth the expense and will even make walking and standing in these shoes much easier as the rubber will grip onto the ground and keep you stable on these extra high pins. Another tip is to apply this rubber sole before taking out your shoes out on the town.

You may also want to invest in some paint for your red-soled babies, please visit this link for more info.


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