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The neoprene sweatshirt dress

Day to day city life commands sleek and practical dresses that  work well worn with heels or trainers. We found the neoprene sweatshirt dress to have the perfect attributes to achieve an urban spring look: the oversized sweatshirt top makes it easy to layer with tops when the temperature drops a little and the flouncy skirt adds a playful edge.

We also discovered some ultra-cool one-piece sweatshirt dresses with interesting details, such as tie-belt on the side or an assymetric hem, to make the urban sweatwshirt a little bit more interesting. Wear the look polished with a pair of pointy ankle boots to a gallery show or lunch, with mirrored Ray Ban sunglasses (we are loving the orange-red version) and a smart satchel by Proenza Schouler in a bold colour.

Dress down your neoprene sweatshirt dress while running errands on the weekend with a sparkly Isabel Marant Bart sneaker or all-time classic Adidas Gazelles.

We wore in this shoot ankle boots from C Wonder, and a Skirt-sweatshirt dress in grey neoprene from Shopbop bought back in November 201a, so we’ve pulled together an extensive list of the coolest neoprene sweatshirt options around, buy while the weather is still fresh.

Click through to shop 30 items now. Photography by Christina Leth, follow her on Instagram @christina.leth

Grey-neoprene-dress-with-grey-ankle-boots Grey-spring-dress PS1-satchel-electric-blue

Layered-neoprene-dress Urban-dress Electric-blue-ray-bans Adidas-gazelles-with-dress

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