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The No Botox Solution to Expression Lines

We reveal to you a high performance no-botox solution to expression lines. On a sunny November morning, I woke up for the first time in 2 years, looking rested. It certainly wasn’t because of getting an uninterrupted night’s sleep but because of a new high performance Stemcell Superfood facial oil by Rodial I had used on the three deep expression lines on my forehead, which I inherited from my dad. For as long as I had used a variety of fruit acids and retinol creams , these perfectly parallel expression lines on my forehead would not vanish. 2 months after using Rodial’s Stemcell Superfood facial oil every night and occasionally during the day, my skin looked instantly plumper and my features fuller, the expression lines on my forehead had been visibly reduced , thanks to moisture being replenished. In a nutshell, my skin was thirsty for plenty of moisture and quite simply needed to be rehydrated. Unlike many accessibly-priced facial oils on the market, Rodial’s facial oil was non-greasy and extremely lightweight, leaving my skin moisturised without the grease or the mind-numbing botanical smell that would induce headaches instead of calmness. It’s one of my personal favorite skin care products.
2 months down the line and my parents were convinced I had actually gone to get Botox injections, the stuff actually works!

Fast forward to March 2015, with the first strong rays of light in Dubai, and my expression lines could no longer be held under control with the Superfood facial oil: involuntary squinting in 35 degree heat, on the tennis court or playing chauffeur around the city in the darkest of sunglasses could not have done any more damage to my already expressive face. Trying to avoid the wrath of the Botox needle from commercially-hungry dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who had no trouble charging a $1000 to remove an ingrown hair on my leg (yes this actually happened ), I recalled a recent visit to get a scar reduced, where I was prescribed a medical grade bees wax cream, which helped regenerate the skin and reduce the appearance of skin tissue scarring.

So on my next visit to Harvey Nichols London, I headed straight to the Rodial counter to sample their Bee Venom Super serum, which promised to correct skintone and promote elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines with a no-botox solution. Basically it’s like being stung by a bee, the blood cells are stimulated and the skin contractions are controlled, helping the skin regenerate and maintain its elasticity. After 3 nights of using the Bee Venom serum together with the Superfood facial oil, my expression looks more relaxed and skin is noticeably plumper. After all if Elle Macpherson and UK plastic surgeons are vouching for Rodials’ products, I may as well hold back another few months from getting these dreaded Botox and Hyaluronic filler injections.

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