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The unusual suspects: Sequined Shorts!

Photo by Style Under Fire

Over the years, we’ve been told that every self-respecting woman should have a little black dress, a beige mac as a cover up and a black classic handbag; in fact Vogue dedicates an entire issue every year to promoting ageless style. While these are timeless pieces, how often can one actually wear them over and over again? That to me sounds like the kiss of death , almost like a fashion funeral, I am certain that each one of us can find a treasured and versatile piece that can be worn over and over again: whether it’s a pair of red jeans , studded shoes or a purple handbag, any piece that is dear to your heart can be worked as hard as possible to fit any occasion.
These days I am surgically stitched to a pair of tailored sequined bronze shorts that I bought on sale from Maje, thinking they would be the object of a very short-lived crush , instead these shorts have become an integral part of my wardrobe.
Some may think that wearing sequins should only be reserved to dancing at a nightclub, but I went out with these unsusual suspects to dinners, brunches and cocktail dos, without ever feeling over-dressed or batting an eye-lid: check out below the different possible combos and if these layouts inspire you, head to your nearest Zara or French Connection to buy a pair of sequined trousers or shorts.

Photo by Style Under Fire

The Art Gallery opening or Dinner in Paris look:
Tone up and down with a tank top , tough sandals and a precisely-cut blazer. Shown here with a lace embellished tank top from Gryphon, a black blazer from a classic Massimo Dutti suit, cut-out sandals from Camilla Skovgaard and an evening calfhair chain bag from Henri Bendel New York.

The weekend bubbly brunch look:
Raise some eyebrows and stir-up Friday Brunch dwellers’ champagne glasses by wearing sequined shorts with a military-inspired T-shirt or the simplest white tank top with flat sandals or metallic Converse trainers.

Photo by Style Under Fire
Photo by Style Under Fire

Shown here with zip-sleeved khaki top from Whistles, cross -body bronze stachel from Francesco Biasa, hand-made sandals bought in Capri.

The cocktail dress substitute:
Wear on a civilised night-out for drinks or a cocktail party instead of a dress, by choosing a draped top or backless silk top and leg lengthening nude heels. Shown below with a top from Alice and Olivia and Sergio Rossi ankle-strap sandals.

Photo by Style Under Fire
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